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Beth Yeshua

Beth Yeshua Twin Ports extends to you a warm and friendly Shalom Greeting! It is truly a blessing from God when someone new comes into our space in person or through connecting virtually. Thanks for visiting.

As a faith community, Beth Yeshua Twin Ports is unique because we are the only Messianic congregation in the Northland. Yet, worldwide we share a member alliance with over 150 other congregations and synagogues.

There are certainly many beliefs and places of worship to choose between, but if you are looking to return to First Century faith practice, you have found it – Messianic Judaism.

Please accept our free gift to you. We think you will like it. Mazel Tov!

Passover Seder

Beth Yeshua Twin Ports invites you to join them for the annual remembrance of Passover on April 5th at Barkers Island.  Beth Yeshua is hosting a community wide Messianic Passover Seder from 6-9PM.  Those in attendance will each receive a special book to be read through called the Haggadah explaining vividly the story of God’s deliverance of Israel at the time of the Exodus. Christians may recall that Jesus (Yeshua) celebrated the Passover Seder which many call The Last Supper. The evening will provide a wonderful catered meal, teachings, music, Davidic dancing and plenty of good fellowship. Click below for more information and registration.

Rabbi’s Corner

The most recent addition to our web site is this new portal that brings each visitor to fresh and vibrant content related to Messianic Judaism in the Twin Ports. Click through to see our latest video and all those in the series!

Messianic Discipleship

Beth Yeshua Twin Ports has added a new and important teaching component to their congregational resources. Learning to follow Yeshua (Jesus) is always our goal as committed believers.
The Bible has preserved the Words of Yeshua that were spoken. They are there for us to use for instruction. Also, His apostles added inspired letters to the Gospel accounts.
Our new materials will better equip anyone looking to understand the basic non-negotiable tenets of Messianic Judaism.

Live Streams

Can’t attend services in person? Join us for a live stream of our weekly Shabbat Service, Saturdays – now at 10:25 am.  Video will be streamed live on the site and also on our  Facebook page.  Hope you can join us!

Join Us.

Finding the God of Israel through Messiah Yeshua
Who We Are

Our congregation is made up of average folks who have come together under the banner of the God of Israel and Messiah Yeshua.

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Where We Meet

Our congregation is based in Superior, WI with our home located in the Mariner Business Center.
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Times of Services

Saturday Sabbath Service
Liturgy & Worship: 10:30 am

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Keep up on the latest from the Beth Yeshua Twin Ports congregation. Stay tuned for announcements, event updates and interesting media on topics of faith. Click the photo to see an archive of all articles.

Update Passover Seder 2023
It is with joyous anticipation that Beth Yeshua has put the finishing touches on all the necessary upfront work to prepare to host our annual Passover Seder. Our website now provides a registration form…
Passover Seder
Beth Yeshua is very much looking forward to providing for a community Passover Seder again this year. The event will be held at Barkers Island in Superior Wisconsin. The date and time for the…
Rabbi’s Corner
Our website homepage has just received a small makeover. We have inserted a new block when scrolling down entitled Rabbi’s Corner. This part of our website will start by offering a featured video by…

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