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Biblical Spring Feasts

Beth Yeshua is fast approaching the time on the calendar when we remember and celebrate the Biblical Appointed Feasts, beginning a new annual cycle. Passover will be celebrated at twilight on Monday evening 4/22 by holding a Seder within the congregation space reserved for members and a few guests. Immediately following Passover evening the 7 day Feast of Unleavened Bread begins leading 50 days later to Shavuot, known more by… Read More »Biblical Spring Feasts

Facebook Page

Within the last few weeks, Beth Yeshua received the good news that one of our congregants would step up and become our social media manager. Beth Yeshua had been lagging behind with the fast moving social media platforms, and with our manager (Crystal) we intend to become more visible and communicate regularly with lively content. Beth Yeshua will hopefully come out of the shadows of being the best kept secret… Read More »Facebook Page

Free Gift for You!

It’s not often in this day and age for somebody to give you something really worthwhile for absolutely no money. That is exactly what Beth Yeshua Twin Ports is prepared to do for you. If you would like to receive this short easy to read book, all you need do is fill out the short informational request posted here, so that we can get your copy in the mail right… Read More »Free Gift for You!