This week we are celebrating the Feast of Unleavened Bread during Service. We will have a message from Elder Paul, some great Messianic songs, Sabbath liturgy and prayers. The service will be streamed to our website and to Facebook. The texts from Scripture will be from Exodus and Numbers as is normal for this Sabbath during Passover season. Beth Yeshua is also Counting the Omer together in the evening @… Read More »SHABBAT SERVICE 4/3/21

Overview Shabbat Service 3/27/21

This brief update will help the reader understand what is coming during our weekly Sabbath Service. First off for our streaming visitors, they can watch the Service on our website. We are also zooming out the Service to Facebook. Navagation to the link should be easy. As to the content of this week’s service, it will follw the format of all of our weekly Services. We will have time spent… Read More »Overview Shabbat Service 3/27/21

Shabbat Service Overview 3/20/21

As we are both streaming our weekly Service and meeting in-person, it seemed a good idea to post a brief summary of the upcoming Service topics. This week we begin the Book of Leviticus for our Torah Portion. Chapters 1:1 thru 5:26(6:7). The portion presents information regarding sacrifices within the newly erected Tabernacle. The priests are given specific rules of what and how to present offerings to God. Also during… Read More »Shabbat Service Overview 3/20/21

Resume In-Person Meetings

Beth Yeshua Twin Ports is extremely happy to announce that beginning Saturday 2/20 we will once again come back to meeting in-person for Sabbath Services @ 10:30 AM. The Service will also be streamed on our web site and Facebook. Following our morning Service we will also be holding our discussion Torah Club Study – Jesus, My Rabbi. Our meeting place is easily found within the Mariner Business Center, Superior… Read More »Resume In-Person Meetings

Live Streaming Begins

Beginning Saturday 1-9-21 @ 1PM we will stream our first virtual Sabbath Service. The length of our stream will be in the 45 minute range. Our usual in-person Service runs nearly two hours, but we believed it best that our initial stream (without the congregation present) be shorter. Therefore, we have shortened the liturgy, eliminated songs, removed any overly long messages or commentary. We still hope to deliver a Service… Read More »Live Streaming Begins

Free Gift for You!

It’s not often in this day and age for somebody to give you something really worthwhile for absolutely no money. That is exactly what Beth Yeshua Twin Ports is prepared to do for you. If you would like to receive this short easy to read book, all you need do is fill out the short informational request posted here, so that we can get your copy in the mail right… Read More »Free Gift for You!

The Return

The recent simulcast of The Return on September 26th from Washington D.C. is still available to view at and on YouTube. If you did not watch it, or missed part of it, please do yourself a huge blessing and watch. The call to repent to avoid judgment on America and the world was powerful as so many speakers came to the podium and shared/prayed from many nations around the… Read More »The Return