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Even though there are seven days in a week where it would be possible to assemble as a congregation, Beth Yeshua Twin Ports has made a deliberate move to focus all its attention on the weekly Sabbath. Our primary gathering occurs on Saturday with our Shabbat Service.

There are a couple of reasons for this. In the first instance, God gave humanity the Sabbath as the day of rest as early as the Book of Genesis. Therefore, we find it joyful to follow His clear instruction to rest from the labors of the other six days. We take the opportunity to make the most of the day to meet together, study and worship God.

Secondly, many of our people travel in from a large radius to meet together, as Beth Yeshua Twin Ports is the only Messianic congregation in the whole of the Northland. We make it our day to build up one another in the teachings of our faith. In addition, we share how we might help bear one another’s burdens going forward.

In minor ways, any time during the rest of the week, any of our people may come for music practice, prayer time, Bible study, research in the library, or some other thing. The physical congregation space is open for use to all of our people.

Saturday Sabbath Service
Liturgy & Worship Time
10:30 am