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Next Steps

Beth Yeshua Twin Ports exists in the Twin Ports to provide a Messianic alternative to the everyday denominational belief and practice found in every other body of believers.

  • You are perhaps feeling less fulfilled In your present church and are looking around for a faith expression that is as old as the Bible. Or maybe, you are just beginning to look for something more in your life and thought you would check out Jesus.

With the world as it is in 2020, almost everyone is looking for something or someone to bring in meaning to make sense of the chaos, and fix the multiple crises that spring up daily. Now that you have come across our website you may be asking yourself if there might be a possible fellowship here in the Twin Ports that can offer something new, but that is in many ways actually a return to the path of First Century followers of Yeshua (Jesus).

If so, what does one do next?

  • We like to suggest that a person take a moment to stop what they are doing. Offer a few words of a prayer. Whether or not you are used to praying, doesn’t matter at all. Anyone can give it a try. We figure it is a good idea to ask God to lead the way and open eyes, minds and hearts.
  • After that step, we know from testimonies from many people, that the search becomes more focused. Actually, there seems to be a sense that old ideas held dear will start to lose their grip. New possibilities look to be within reach.
  • From there, what to do next, flows from the excitement and hope of finding something better for your life. Making a visit to our congregational meeting on Shabbat, or filling out the contact form are both steps that keep everything moving forward.

So there, we have provided a sort of template or map for inquiring minds to follow. We know that there are many voices calling to people to learn this, come here, or go there. It is not our desire to add to the confusion of our day, but rather to present a searcher with a faith practice that was good enough for Jesus and His disciples.

May the God of Israel bless you as you take your steps